Welcome to Our Affordable Wellesley – the forum dedicated to helping our community construct a brighter “affordable future.”

We are currently in a crisis, with developers exploiting the State of Massachusetts’ 40B law to push through massive developments that will do little to meet the needs of our community but much to line their own pockets.

There are now an unprecedented 9 “unfriendly” state-backed 40B projects on the board, and Wellesley is powerless to stop them or prevent more until it earns safe harbor by either:

  • increasing its affordable housing to be 10% of its overall available stock (Currently 6.4%), or
  • creating a Housing Production Plan that proves a .5% increase each year

Please join our efforts to help the town achieve safe harbor so we can start building housing solutions that respect the community and its future residents.

Let’s make it Our Affordable Wellesley!